Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
August 31, 2020
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

Dear Unicorn Family,
Wow do we have some exciting updates to share with everyone today!
As you all know our teams have been working hard and creating new opportunities and ways to spend our YEM, and today we have 2 very exciting developments to announce that will be going live very soon. Before they go live, we wanted to share some info with everyone so that you are aware of what is going on when these developments go live in the coming days.
As I mentioned, these updates have to do with our Rainbow Currency (YEM = Your Everyday Money), and specifically they will be giving you even more options on how you can use this currency!
Before I get into everything, just a quick disclaimer: you know of course that I am not a financial, tax, or legal expert, so definitely consult with your own experts as you need to make your decisions.
The first very exciting development has to do with a place where you can put your YEM to receive benefits.
As everyone knows we have our Proof of Stake (POS) where you can receive YEM simply by depositing YEM into the Proof of Stake Wallet. Every month, those who are participating receive a share of the YEMCHAIN Fees in YEM of course.
Now, what if there was another way where you can benefit simply by putting your YEM into a special wallet? Well, I am proud and excited to announce that we have just such a benefit for all YEM holders launching very soon!
We have just signed a deal with a Swiss asset management firm where YEM holders can deposit YEM into a special wallet and collect benefits in USD, which can be converted into any other fiat currency!!!
That’s right! Now you will have 2 options where you can be rewarded just from depositing your YEM into a special wallet.
So what’s the catch?
Nothing! Your YEM stays your own, and if you wish to withdraw your YEM, you can. Of course, if you withdraw your YEM, you would not qualify to receive any benefits and there may be fees to withdraw early.
So what is this YEM used for?
As we all know the global pandemic has ravaged businesses worldwide and they are in desperate need of assets to boost their business value. This Swiss asset management company will essentially loan these companies YEM for the value the asset brings to their business, and the businesses pay interest in USD or other fiat currency, and you as the YEM holder share in the benefits.
It’s simple like that!
Do understand that there are a few nuances to this, but they are very easy to understand.
Let’s start with an example. I know that some of you are YEM multimillionaires. So let’s take the example if you were to deposit 10 million YEM, which is as of today, a value of approximately 10 million USD. The annual return of the investment could be something like half of a percent (1/2 of 1%) of the USD value, which would be 50,000 USD per year.
As this is a brand new business model, expect up to 1 year before the first benefits are paid, and most likely you will be able to choose if you’d like to be paid on either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. During that time you would receive reports on progress and milestones.
Still, even if they would need a year, for example when depositing 10 million YEM with an approximate value of 10 million USD and half a percent return on investment (ROI), it would be about 4,000 USD per month. So, even still, 4000 USD per month times 12 months, equals 48,000 USD in benefits, from helping these businesses around the world overcome these crazy challenges we are all experiencing due to this global pandemic. So you are helping the global community and yourself at the same time. This is absolutely fantastic!
Make your own calculation how much you paid for your 10 million YEM, that will give you the real value of this deal for you. So depending on what your personal situation is, this is a fantastic way to have some options for yourself.    
As I mentioned before, now you have 2 options, this Swiss asset management strategy and the Proof of Stake (POS). So you will have to decide what strategy is best for you. The main difference is that Proof of Stake pays benefits in YEM and the Swiss asset management strategy pays benefits in USD. Whatever you decide, it up to you and completely optional to participate.
Now on top of this, just as it is with POS, when the value of YEM rises, you benefit even more because the YEM is still yours.
Be aware also that there will be some limits per member (per account), so that everyone who wants to can participate. And it will be the same minimum deposit as in the PoS, which is 100,000 YEM.
Note from Support: Breaking news!
The first step for anyone who wishes to participate in this Swiss asset management strategy is now available!
Here’s how it works for those who wish to participate:
In the first step, you will visit a special website (image above, linked below) and you will log in with your PerNum and enter how much YEM you are considering participating with in the strategy. Be aware this is a non-binding reservation at this time and no YEM will be collected or transferred from your account.
The final decision to confirm your participation will come later, sometime around October 1, 2020, and you will have full terms and details at that time as well, so you can make an informed decision.
The minimum to participate will be 100,000 YEM, which must be located either in your PerNum Wallet or the Proof of Stake in order to place your reservation.
There will not be any maximum limit yet as this reservation process will help to determine that limit based on the number of people who wish to participate.
You may participate only once per PerNum.
To make your reservation visit: