The Unicorn Network is magically changing the world for Internet users, for businesses, for artists, for consumers, and in one word, for everybody. It is our main goal to create a global social community where all members treat each other with respect; a community that protects your privacy and a community that offers maximum security; a community that is rewarding you for your activities and where someone listens to your ideas about how to make things better; a community that is like a family where all members care for those in need; a community where you can always expect the highest quality of content, services, and products.

We are living in a world where the biggest companies are building secret profiles of every Internet user, and where more and more bad guys try to steal our data, or even our identity for fraudulent activities. Some people have even committed suicide because of anonymous hate speech in social media.

So, now is the perfect time to create a safe zone on the Internet; a network of websites and services for all Internet users where people can find high quality information, entertainment, communication, services, and products with maximum privacy and security. Ten years ago when we shared our vision with some Internet experts, they told us that this is impossible to do. Well, it took us five years of development, and another five years of testing and team building, but today, finally we are ready to share our vision with the world.

The Unicorn Network is free to join, and you will never have to pay to be a Unicorn. At the Unicorn Network, we offer three different types of membership: General, Affiliate and Professional.

As a General Unicorn member, you have access to all our services and websites without the need to register over and over again.  With just one signup, you have access to all our pages, and additionally, to all accredited third party websites, apps, and online shops, which fulfill our high quality, security, and privacy standards. They can be easily identified by our Seals You Can Trust. Even the ads displayed within the Unicorn Network, have a quality seal for no malware, no phishing, and no fraud, but real products and services only. That is why we named them— Ads You Can Trust.

As an Affiliate Unicorn member, you are invited to promote our websites, products, and services, or simply to share them with your friends and family. You will be rewarded with lifetime commissions, and on top of that, you will receive bonuses on all the affiliate activity of Unicorn members invited by you. 

The Professional Unicorn membership is for businesses, artists, salespeople, and for everyone who wants to monetize their skills within our Unicorn Network. For example, video artists can broadcast their content through our project VEEDEO TV, and they will receive a revenue share from subscriptions and advertising.