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The project Ethtrade unite to best specialists in the field of trading and developing Ethereum, and we’re willing to share our experience with EVERYONE. 

Make Passive Income Daily 
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What is Ethtrade?

Ethtrade is a team of professional financial managers, market traders and experienced developers who have got together to participate in exchange processes, to attract and manage investment assets as well as work on the popularization of Ethereum. You can read more about Ethtrade here.

Make up to 25% per month by investing in cryptocurrencies Ethtrade gives an opportunity to get a stable income without getting involved in trading.

The Ethtrade company was founded in 2015. For a short time, we managed to show our best side and consolidated all the results. We are young and energetic professionals who are always eager to achieve goals.

Our managers - Eric Bondi and Michael Frendowski - are practicing traders. When Ethereum project was launched in 2013, we decided to promote this unique platform which is called " world computer. " We consider that our aim is to develop it and participate in dynamic cryptocurrency trading. Now, we gradually master possibilities of Ethereum and share our experience through quality asset management service.

Our trust management principle is using your investment to trade with Ethereum. The average monthly income is from 30% to 50%, half of which (15-25%) is accrued to investors. Cryptocurrency market allows one to get more profit, but our strategy is intended primarily for the safety of funds.

We are open to investors with clear cooperation scheme and equal division of profits between them and the company. When investing here, you invest in the future that’s already happening! 

ETRHTRADE : Specialist in the field of Trading

Ethtrade platform offers excellent opportunities:

  • Development with the most dynamic phenomena of the XXI century - Blockchain platforms. 
  • Passive monthly income from 15% to 25% due to investment. 
  • Participation in the affiliate program with 5 levels and income without investment.
  • Education & tutorials for trading on cryptocurrencies. 

77 countries. More then 100, 000 people participants already have joined EthTrade. 

Asset management :
Get up to 25% per month in passive mode by investing funds, as well as develop your skills as an Ethereum trader!

Availability : 
Low entry threshold: from $10. You do not need the knowledge of trading and cryptocurrencies. We will do everything for you.

Maximum transparency : 
The company provides weekly reports on all transactions with Ethereum, as well as trade forecasts for the future.

Affiliate program : 
Develop your own team to generate income without investment. Thanks to multilevel bonus system. Double affiliate program.

How do you make a 25% per month? 

Our traders are trading on cryptocurrency exchanges,such as ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, DASH/BTC, FCT/BTC and many other altcoin pairs and always make profit. We offer increasing of your initial investment through asset management service through Ethtrade platform. Such results are available right after signing up. 

Regardless of the course : 
Our professional traders use diversified and only proven trading strategies that allow to make a profit regardless of the economic situation in the cryptocurrency markets.

Profit in any case : 
We trade when market course increases and decreases. Your assets are protected and in the hands of the business professionals.

Relevance : 
Cryptocurrency market is considered as one of the most high-income markets. The development comes exponentially and this can't be stopped. Don't miss your chance and start to build your future today! 




Frontier • FREE MEMBER :
This status is given you as soon as you register an account. Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you: 
• Level 1 : First line - 3% 
• Level 2 : Second line - 2% 
• Level 3 : Third line - 1% 

Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you: 
• Level 1 : First line - 3% 
• Level 2 : Second line - 1% 
• Level 3 : Third line - 1% 

Weekly limit • for investment is - $500 
• weekly withdrawal - $300 



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